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Environmental Benefits

The UAE-IceBerg project would be the first real attempt to tow an icebergs for water resource in the human history; This gigantic project will be a showcase of the humanity determination and the mighty engineering to solve the water crises issue.

The project will have many environmental benefits:  

1. Reduce pollution from desalination plants in the Arabian Gulf: 

Every Day 120 desalination plants flush nearly 24 tons of chlorine, 65 tons of algae-harming anti-sealants used to descale pipes, and around 300kg of copper into the Arabian Gulf. 
This chemical mixture is affecting seabed organisms and making its way up the food chain. Researchers say the Arabian Gulf is the water body most threatened by desalination.
Organisms and coral reefs are being affected near the coastlines and are dying, Brine can increase the normal sea temperature by up to 10 degrees Celsius, which has a huge effect on the marine ecosystem.

2. The UAE-Iceberg project will help Reduce sea level rise due to the current melting of the icebergs. 

3. The Harvested water could be utilized to convert the “Empty Quarter desert “ into a green land ; hence Making the world Greener by planting trees and fighting the Global Warming. 

4. Fighting Cancer.

Clinical trials with pancreatic cancer patients revealed that the consumption of deuterium depleted water (DDW) applied parallel with the traditional treatment increased the medium survival time by about 6-fold compared to the traditional treatment alone.
The water frozen in polar ice contain deuterium in lower concentration compared to the typical values in the drinking water of many areas.
The Antarctic ice is deuterium depleted by about 40% (< 90 ppm, depending on the location of the formation). After purification, it could be directly used for medical treatments and prevention of such diseases.